Binary Style x Ans.Ein


We are super excited to share with you our very special collaboration with Ans.Ein, a Singapore fashion brand helmed by Anseina who specialises in kimono inspired multiway jumpsuits and dresses. We have been dreaming to see our signature prints on clothes and we are so happy to finally bring this vision to reality. And ohh....they come in free size! If you think free-size clothes are ill-fitting, this collection will make you change your mind! We promise!

Binary Style x Ans.Ein collaboration aims to create conversation piece dress collection that will bring Singapore Story to life through Singapore inspired fabric print design.

Featuring some of the popular print designs from Binary Style’s The Singapore Story scarf collection, this collaboration will be the brand’s first foray and much anticipated move into clothing lines.

Ans.Ein carefully pairs Binary Style’s prints with several easy-to-wear style from their popular sought-after offerings that ooze simple understated elegance: the multiway kimono dress, maxi dress in mandarin collar and versatile jumpsuit.


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