SILK TWILL: Dusk in the Garden

SILK TWILL: Dusk in the Garden


Those who are lucky enough to venture to the garden at this magical time of the day, would be treated by a fiesta of senses. Amidst the rustling serenade of centuries old trees and a cooling breeze that soothes weary tropical dwellers and travellers, the garden tickles your senses with its sweet scents of dusk. As the sun slowly disappears on the horizon amidst the burning clouds, the garden entices you with an enchanted spectrum of colors.

Let your worries melt away, put your bare feet on the dewy grass and let the pond dwellers entertain you with their twilight dance before the world finally fades around you.


Silk Twill 100% Silk 87cmx87cm

Dry clean only and low-heat iron