Binary Style x Singapore Airlines

This limited edition scarf Flying High is available exclusively on board of all Singapore Air flights and

We are exhilarated to announce our collaboration with the iconic Singapore Airlines to create a special scarf to celebrate its 70th anniversary on air. 

The feeling of embarking on a Singapore Airlines flight is unmistakable—the first sights of the iconic sarong kebayas coupled with warm, welcoming smiles and the sense of contentment when one relaxes into the comfortable seats—the journey itself becomes a destination to look forward to.

This limited edition scarf, inspired by Singapore Airlines’ Asian heritage, has been specially designed in commemoration of the Airline’s 70th anniversary in 2017.
This design features elegant silhouettes of the Singapore Girl and travel-related icons against the backdrop of airplane windows, using the various colours of the sarong kebaya donned by the Singapore Girl.

This scarf is made of comfortable chiffon fabric. Size 115x115cm. 100% Polyester- Hand wash – Cool iron only

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