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Binary Style, a lifestyle brand specialising in conversational prints. The brand is founded by Singaporean twin sisters/designers, Santhi and Sari Tunas who are trained architects and huge nature lovers. Binary Style is about showcasing the intersection of architecture and nature with an unmistakably tropical hint.

The duo kickstarted the brand in 2015- the year of Singapore’s Jubilee celebration with a collection of square scarves that is inspired by Singapore’s unique history and diverse cultural mix. The scarves creatively depict heritage districts, nature and cultural diversity and local anecdotes. This hugely popular line is a showcase of Binary Style’s signature bold colours and unique prints.

Since its inception, Binary Style has widely collaborated with private and public sectors in Singapore creating various prints on fabric and other medium. Some of the highlights of the brand journey were being commissioned to design a scarf for 75th anniversary of Singapore Airlines, a collection of scarves for National Heritage Board museums, as well as for several other global brands such as Epson, Lenovo and Andaz by Hyatt.

With over 200 designs under its belt, Binary Style boasts the largest scarf and print designs collection in Singapore, and it is still growing! Let us show you the source of our inspiration (see below).

Webstory Binary Style by Sari T


Santhi and Sari Tunas - Binary Style

Photo by Dea Rahajeng -  Styling by Tunas Twins (2023)

Fun facts about the twins: Cocktails - Santhi and Sari are avid cocktail mixers, they like theirs dry and strong. Polyglots - although Singapore is their home now, they had lived in various countries, thus learned a few of the local languages. Double troubles -They started their design career early in life - their childhood bedroom wall was covered in doodles - much to the chagrin of their parents and former landlord. Past lives - Santi designed tropical resorts while Sari worked as an academic researcher.


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