Scarf Necklace

From time to time, we have scarves that do not pass our quality control. These scarves pile up in our inventory. Some of the 'better' ones would be sold during our sample sale, but there are some that just cannot make it. To make sure these do not go to waste, we are always in the look for fresh ideas to upcycle them. This gives us opportunities to interact with many local artists who can create new products out of these less than perfect scarves.

Cheerful Atelier

The artist behind Cheerful Atelier (@cheerfulatelier - Instagram) is Nancy Noerdin, an architect turned maker. She works with diverse mediums, most prominently papers. Nancy has been working closely with us since the beginning of Binary Style. She has helped us create our pop-up displays, i.e. SG52 in Tang's and Boutique Fair (do you remember our beautiful hornbill centrepiece?). She has also created sculptural necklaces out of our scarves in the past. Her eye catching necklaces have been a consistent crowd favourite. This year she created more of those necklaces! Each piece is unique, it is a definite conversation starter! Don’t wait too long, her necklaces are sure to fly off the shelf in a jiffy!

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