Between Jewellery Design and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Iliana Arrazola

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This month we met Iliana Arrazola, a Singapore-based Colombian jewellery designer and jiu-jitsu expert who runs her eponymous label 'Iliana Arrazola Jewellery'. This statuesque lady is not only stunning, she is also very warm, creatively talented and full of enthusiasm. Her jewellery designs are just as gorgeous. Inspired by traditional Colombian crafts, she employs Emberá-Chamí  artisans to create a line of colourful statement jewellery which also cleverly incorporates Singaporean elements. Our favourite are the Okama necklaces, made of thousands of glass beads, intricately strung into a stately collar, they can jazz up even the simplest outfit.

We invited Iliana to come to our studio to do a mini photoshoot to learn more about her. 

Hi Iliana, can you tell us about yourself? 

I studied Fine Arts and have previously participated in various regional and national contemporary art exhibitions in Colombia. I have also worked at globally-known advertising agencies for more than ten years. 

What motivated you to start your eponymous jewelry brand?

Since I was little I have always been attracted to fashion and specifically to jewellery. When I was a young girl, my mother had a children's clothing shop where my sister and I used to model  her design samples!

My interest in jewellery led me to develop a collection inspired by artistic exploration and re-mixing of Western and Eastern traditions.

What signifies a great style for to you?

For me, great style is what is most authentic and a part of your identity. I love pieces that tell stories about the person who is wearing them.

How do scarves fit in your outfit?

Scarves are basic pieces that you should always wear, they protect you from the cold or can totally transform your outfit.  It is one of the few fashion accessories, along with hats, belts and shoes, that has a practical function.

When you have friends visiting from abroad where will you take them in Singapore?

I love China Town and Little India. I love all the wonderfully kitsch objects that you can find in these places.

Last question: What excites you? What sets you on fire? 

I love art, especially painting from the Renaissance to the Avant-Garde. I also love studying Kabala and doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it's something I've been doing consistently for more than four years! I am actually a very broad person in terms of passions. 

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