Binary Style x Scene Shang art collaboration for Street of Clans Festival

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Have you ever wondered in what way clan associations had helped Singapore's early immigrants and how do they remain relevance today? 

Last month, we participated in a vibrant creative festivals called Street of Clans that brings together Bukit Pasoh Road’s colourful history and Singapore’s creative communities. Working together with Scene Shang, we created a design installation in Tung On Wui Kun that reflects the clan’s love for Cantonese opera. Established in 1876 by immigrants from Guangdong, China, the clan association is one of the oldest in Singapore, having played a big part in preserving and promoting the tradition of Cantonese opera here.

For this installation, we designed a scarf that featured four archetypal roles in Chinese opera. We roped in our good friend Nancy Noerdin to create a headpiece- inspired by the traditional one that often worn by female opera players- using our scrapped scarves. With Scene Shang beautiful old elm wood benched, we recreated a Cantonese opera stage scene. 

Thank you for those who had came to say hi. It was lovely to see many familar and new faces!

Binary Style Scene Shang

Here is a link to the event video




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