Binary Style X Scene Shang CANE CHAIR Collection

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Binary Style is excited to introduce our new upholstery fabric collection in collaboration with Scene Shang- a Singapore based contemporary furniture, homeware and lifestyle label rich in its Asian and Singapore heritage. We are expanding Binary Style into home décor in hopes of creating a wider range of Singapore gifts for you and your loved ones!
As our styles of print are conversational designs that displays relationships between architecture, nature and diversity in a tropical vibe, we are thrilled to be doing a collaboration that is Singapore themed and deeply inspired by tropical living.
Binary Style Scene Shang cane chair
While we have the THE MAVERICK Cane Chair x Binary Style - ‘Sang Kanchil Mouse Deer’ Velvet available for order online, you can also choose from the other 9 fabric options at Scene Shang's Raffles Hotel store on THE BOTANIST Cane Chair or THE GENTLEMAN Cane Chair.
You can order the Cane chair via the link here.
There will be total of 10 tropical designs inspired by Singapore print available on soft velvet upholstery. A nostalgic chair design in a modern tropical twist in your humble abode will sure bring back sweet memories!
You can choose from our range of print designs to style in Scene Shang’s Cane Collection chair design of The Maverick chair, The Botanist chair or The Gentleman chair.
Here are Binary Style's range of print design:

The Nutmeg design was inspired by Nutmeg as it was one of the spices that attracted the early settlers to Singapore who dreamt to make it big. This design comes in 2 different colours.
The Bittersweet design’s main aspect is the bittergourd, a misunderstood fruit, wrongly termed as a vegetable. Yet such a comfort food for many, versatile, reminding us that with bitter, comes sweet. This design comes in 2 different colours.
The Sang Kancil- as it name states, the adorable Kancil also known as the Lesser mousedeer, with pointy and alert pair of ears and white stripes around their neck, is one of the native inhabitants of the Singapore’s forests. This design comes in 2 different colours.
The Tropical party celebrates some of the richness of tropical biodiversity in Singapore with refreshing clusters of ginger blossoms, heliconia, and anthurium lined by luxuriant foliage in the island’s many green pockets. This design comes in 3 different colours.
The Tiong Bahru design captures the genius loci, the spirit of the Tiong Bahru heritage district in Singapore. With its modernist architecture, Tiong Bahru represented a new era of living in Singapore in the 60s, with new-found wealth and envisioning a hopeful future. This design only come in 1 colour.

The Nutmeg in Lilac
The Nutmeg in Lilac (left) & Green (right)
The Bittersweet in Lime
The Nutmeg in Lime (left) & Teal (right)

Tropical Party in Matcha (left) & Plum (right)

The Tropical Party in Tangerine (left) & The Tiong Bahru (right)

The Sang Kancil in White (left) & Navy (right)
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