Christmas Gift Ideas with Binary Style.

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As Christmas is drawing near, we can only understand how tough it is to shop for the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. To equip you for this year’s Christmas celebration, we have put together a list of gifts that would put a smile on anyone’s faces- from a nice gift for your colleagues to an adorable one for your teenage daughter.

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Christmas Gift For Nature Lovers

From going camping to simply sitting and watching birds through the window, nature lovers will always find ways to appreciate the nature and we have got some amazing gift ideas to celebrate their spirit.

Christmas Gift For Heritage Lovers

Singapore is definitely a place of diversity and heritage. For those that has fallen in love with our rich culture, they will be captivated by our conversational prints reflecting iconic places and buildings that represents Singapore and the people.

Christmas Gift For Sarong Lovers

(7.Tropical Rojak Cotton Wrap Skirt; 8.Hornbill's in the City Black and White )

For those who enjoy the versatility of a wrap skirt- from attending a meeting to going to the beach and lastly to an all-you-can-eat buffet, Sarong lovers know what’s up! That is why they will fall in love with these gifts in our unique prints.

Click here for more wrap skirt designs and here for our maxi scarves collection to turn it into a wrap skirt.

Christmas Gift for Dog Lovers

(9.Princess and the Pee)

Not sure what to get for your pet-loving friends? A heartfelt tale of an ex-breeding dog who had never experienced life in a home will surely ignite much more love and compassion in this giving season.

Christmas Gift For Teens

(10. Binary Style X SPD Journal; 11.Botanical Cotton Mini Dress; 12. A Very Lucky Scarf)

Teenagers are the quintessence of everything trendy. With their quirky fashion styles, the gifts the teens receive will surely get their homies to praise them with “Hey, That’s dope”.

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Christmas Gift for Grandparents

Time with the grandparents is the best part of a festive holiday. We have found the best gift for your grandparents that is practical but also a reminiscent of Singapore’s heritage to rekindle their younger days. These gifts will make them feel younger and show them how much you care.

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