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Welcome to the festive season. As the holiday season approaches, are you searching for the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones? Get some ideas from our 2023 Christmas Gift list, we have one for everybody.

1/ Exquisite premium silk scarves for a very special lady - made of 100% silk and double printed, presented in an elegant gift box, it will please those with a taste for the finer things in life! (Price SGD 180)

2/  Silk-cashmere scarves for those who frequently travel to colder countries and love to do it in style and comfort. Made of fine blend of cashmere and silk - it will provide luxurious warmth with some extra pop of colours.  (Price SGD 300) These scarves come in two gorgeous designs 'Orchid Rhapsody' and 'Blue Peranakan'.

3/ Playful printed sling Swee bags for the young and the young at hearts. Featuring playful prints such as otters, dragon fruits and hornbills, with similar lining, these bags are just right, not too small and and not too big. It can accommodate all your daily necessities. Plus, it is super light! (Price SGD 60)

4/ Hand-held Swee Fan for those who want to keep cool in style - made of Indonesian golden teak wood and cotton, these fans are the epitome of cool (pun intended) (Price SGD 58). Choose from five designs featuring tropical fruits, dragon fruits, hornbills and otters. 

5/ Colourful scardigans for those who appreciate convertible fashion items - This versatile item can be worn as a scarf and as a cardigan - hence the name. (Price SGD 112)

6/ Recycled Fabric - scarves for those who are keen in closing the loop. Made of yarns spun from recycled plastic bottles, these scarves are oh-so-soft to the touch, guaranteed to lend you comfort and style. (Price SGD 90)

7/ Stylish silk-twill scarves for those who love to add special something to their outfit. Choose from our various designs, these silk twill scarves are a great way to jazz up any outfit.  (Price from SGD 75-120)

8/ Silk pocket-squares for the dapper gentlemen - made of 100% silk, these pocket squares will please those dapper gents who love to add some ooomph to their formal attire. (Price SGD 45)

9/ Unisex kakee shirts for those who love stylish relax looks - made of a blend of cotton and modal, featuring flora and fauna from Singapore and the Caribbean, these comfy shirts will transport you to a warm and happy place! (Price SGD 70)

10/ Colourful cushion covers for those who need some extra colours in their living space. Comes in four gorgeous designs, featuring peranakan houses, black and white bungalow and tropical greeneries, these cushion covers will jazz up any space. (Price SGD 65)

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