Fashion for All - Pink Fest 2024

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This June, we are celebrating Pride Month with a very special event. We participated in Fashion For All, Singapore’s first inclusive fashion showcase, presented by Pink Fest in partnership with the Singapore Fashion Council at Design Orchard.

The show aimed to lead the way, challenge outdated perceptions, and break restrictive stereotypes. It embraced all ages, body shapes, ethnicities, abilities, gender identities, and sexualities. With a lineup of 90 models and 18 designers, the show certainly kicked off Pride Month with a bang!

For this event, we collaborated with Daniel Boey to prepare 10 looks for the previously cast models. The lineup truly represented the principle of 'Fashion for All,' and we couldn't be happier with the model selections. They were simply awesome, full of spirit, and excited to wear our super colorful and quirky outfits.

The looks featured colorful outfits made from various scarves from our collection. Check out the photos to see how we created dresses out of scarves!

Models: Zan, Sharazad, Carole Ann, Farah, Mary-Victor, Fukuoka, Louis, Sneja, Tessa, Beatrice
Fashion Producer: Daniel Boey
Make Up: Dolly Seah and team
Jewelry: Boheme
Coordinated by Pink Fest, Supported by Singapore Fashion Council - Design Orchard
Binary Style styling team: Tunas Twins, Alice, Vania
Orchard Road pink fest silk scarf singapore singapore print

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