Nature Heals

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Shinrin-yoku - that's how they call it in Japan, an act of immersing oneself in nature to relax, reflect, reconnect with oneself, seek inspiration and to appreciate the natural environment. Never before we appreciate and long for the nature as much as we do now. Luckily for us in Singapore, we literally live in a big garden. We are never more than a few stone-throw away from the urban forests, reservoirs, parks and park connectors. 

Singapore's nature has been a constant source of design inspiration for us at Binary Style. You can find the lush Bukit Timah forest with its cheeky monkeys, serene MacRitchie reservoir, Botanic Gardens, Bedok Reservoir and Pulau Ubin on our designs to name a few. Made of luxurious silk, cotton and cotton-silk blend, they would blanket you with (nature-themed) comfort in the days when you can't venture there.

Island Respite - featuring Pulau Ubin lotus pond and the red dragonflies
In the Depth of Singapore Forest - featuring Bukit Timah Forest and its residents
Avian Wonders of Singapore's Islands - featuring the avian residents of Pulau Ubin
Serenity of MacRitchie
Dusk at the Garden - featuring the flora and fauna of Botanic Gardens
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