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We love Mooncakes! Every year we wait impatiently for the Mooncake season, who doesn't like them? Pretty little morsels of delight, filled with an array for every flavour imaginable, sweet, savoury or anywhere in between. There is no limit to the imagination, every year there are always exciting new flavours to try.  The box designs are also note-worthy, it is a world of creativity on their own. Who secretly keeps all those pretty boxes to hold the ever-burgeoning jewelry collection? (The Tunas Twins, are certainly guilty of that!).

When Andaz Singapore - 5 on 25 approached us to co-create this year bespoke mooncake box, we were elated! The result is simply gorgeous. Inspired by the bustling two-story shophouse scene in the hotel’s neighbourhood, Kampong Glam, the simple yet elegant shophouse design features defined windows and minimal ornamentation. It is a close representation of an early shophouse style used from the 1840s to the 1900s. Encased in eye-catching hues of green, pink and blue, the box opens up to unveil two inner drawers, wrapped in a beautiful geometric pattern of leaves of breadfruit trees, which are in abundance in the area. 

This partnership encompasses our shared passions for architecture, Singapore’s heritage and nature. The neighbourhood encapsulates all of these elements, and the shophouses form the canvas of the design because of its  timeless appeal and historical significance,says Santhi Tunas.

As for the mooncakes? They are simply delish! The twins just cannot stop munching of these! Making a debut this year is a new sweet and savoury Citrus Surprise mooncake, which displays Chef Franciscreative prowess in experimentation. Inspired by Kampong Glam’s melting pot of cultures, Chef Francis shines the spotlight on an interesting trio of ingredients caramel, miso and yuzu. The umami of the miso cuts through the rich caramel paste, while the addition of yuzu white chocolate lends an uplifting zing and citrusy aroma.

Another must-try is the Gula Galore mooncake. Chef Francis infuses smooth lotus paste with rich caramel-like Gula Melaka and adds high-quality pecan nuts for an extra layer of crunch and texture. This treat caters to all as it is subtly mellow and is highly addictive on first bite. Its flavour is also inspired by traditional Malay kuehs, which are commonly found in the vicinity,” says Chef Francis.

Using a traditional recipe by Chef Lim and back by popular demand are the 5 ON 25 Signature Tea Blend and Silver Lotus++. The former offers a fragrant medley of Osmanthus, Oolong and Pu’er tea notes, while the latter comprises white lotus paste and two golden egg yolks at the core encased in the golden baked crust. These mooncakes are perfect for purists alongside a cup of tea.

Two fixed sets are available for sale: 5 ON 25 Mooncakes Set which consists of a box of four assorted flavours is priced at SGD 88 nett. 5 ON 25 Silver Lotus++ Mooncakes Set which consists of a box of four double yolk mooncakes is priced at SGD 92 nett.

Guests can enjoy a 35% early bird offer for orders made until 31st July 2023. A 25% regular offer is available for orders made between 16th July 2023 and 29th September 2023. Orders can be made via Andaz Online Shop at or at the Mooncake Concierge on Level 25 at Andaz Singapore from 1st August 2023 as well as at mooncake fairs held at Ngee Ann City and CIMB Plaza. For enquiries on mooncakes or bulk orders, email

5 on 25 Andaz Singapore collaboration Kampong Glam Mooncake

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