Understanding Our Various Scarf Fabrics

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Scarves can be made of various different fabrics. Sometimes they are made of natural fibres such as silk, cotton or linen, or synthetic fibre such as polyester. All these fabrics has different characteristics and hand feel. Here are some information about a couple ofl fabrics that we frequently used for our collection. 

100% Silk Twill

Silk is probably the most luxurious fabric for scarves. It has gorgeous luxuriant shimmer, soft to the touch and yields beautiful drapes. Silk can be further characterised by its weaving methods, i.e. twill and satin. For most of our collection we typically use 100% silk twill that is characterised by diagonal ridge upon closer look. 100% silk twill scarves make a perfect gift for that special person. 

Cotton Silk

We also have a limited collection of cotton-silk blend, which consists of 70% cotton and 30% silk. It has the comfortable light texture that is typical of cotton and silk's gorgeous shimmer. It has the best of both worlds! It is very soft to the touch and feel super comfortable on your skin. Cotton silk scarves look more casual than 100% pure silk twill that tends to look more dressy and formal. 

Pure Cotton

Cotton scarves are easy to wear, thanks to its light natural texture. It gives a more casual air. It makes a great scarf for travelling. 


Lyocell is made of wood cellulose, it is cool to the touch and great for casual wear. it is a very sturdy fabric, Lyocell scarves are thus great for wearing as sarong - beach wear. 


Polyester is a synthetic based fabric. This non-natural fiber is sturdy and vibrant in colour. It is a popular choice as it is easy to maintain as it does not need ironing and does not crease easily. Our polyester scarves come in satin (which is shinny silk-look) or chiffon (which is translucent). 

The choice finally is yours, depending on how you intend to wear the scarves and on the given occasion. In any case, you cannot go wrong with a great piece of scarf whatever the fabric is. It will instantly jazz up your outfit and help you fend off that chills.

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