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We love cool upcycling projects! Frequently left with a stack of over-run or less than perfect products, we are always exploring creative ways to use them. This is the reason why we have RE:FORM collection, where we collaborate with local artists and creatives. To date we have upcycled these products into necklaces, christmas stockings, pouches and headbands.

The great thing about having regular interns at our studio is having novel design ideas that we have never thought about before. We always asked our interns to experiment - to play around with the upcycling concept. 

This time our intern Sree from NAFA made a top out of men's ties from our past project. The top was meant to be used in a photoshoot with our featured guest Nurindah Iskandar (see the article here). We need something that is sexy yet elegant to match her personality.

Sree working on the top at Binary Style Studio

With her nimble fingers, Sree combined six ties and hand-stitched them to form a gorgeous corset with a crossed back. Secured in the front with a pair of buckles, the result was simply stunning. It was truly a statement piece that really matches Noorindah's style. She cannot be happier with the top. Look how stunning she is in this top (and see the complete feature here and read more about this cool gal!) 

Noorindah with the top during the photoshoot
The crossed back details

We love it so much that we decided to make another version for ourselves (with a matching fascinator) to wear at the Front Row - Museum Take Over Fashion Gala (directed by Daniel Boey). This version was made out of eight ties. The ties transformed into a great outfit that costs zero dollar! We certainly got lots of compliments on this outfit. See picture below (photo by @Natalie Kiri).

Sari was wearing another version of the top at the Front Row - Museum Take Over (Photo: Natalie Kiri)


Got any cool upcycling ideas? Contact us and let's talk! 


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