Embracing Your Confidence- Shareen Wong of Embrace Jewellery

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As jewellery lovers, Embrace Jewellery has been in our radar for a long time. In fact we gifted each other some beautiful pieces from this brand for several Christmases and birthdays. What are the odds that one day we crossed path with Shareen Wong, the brand founder and actually form a collaboration?

Shareen featured our brand in her monthly Wine And Jewellery IG Live streaming series where she periodically launches her new collection whilst showcasing a local brand. We were in awe of the way she is totally a real class act when she presents her jewellery pieces whilst engaging with her audience. This of course we found out later, a skill she honed for years as radio DJ. 

We are so thrilled when Shareen brought up the idea of collaboration of creating a capsule collection. She in fact is a fan of our prints and has always thought that our flora and fauna motifs would make a beautiful wearable jewellery collection. So we embarked on this project many months ago and went through many rounds of discussion. Selecting the final pieces for Tropical Chic collection were the hardest as we just loved all of the ideas!

Winged Friends in the Foliage earrings and matching necklace from Tropical Chic collection


Tropical Chic is launching at Boutiques Fair- The Gifting Edition 25-27 November 2022.

In the midst of this collection launch, we managed to sit down with Shareen and get to know her better and the story behind the brand.

Shareen in Binary Style Winged Friends in the Foliage Scardigan and matching earrings and necklace from Tropical Chic collection


Can you tell us about yourself?
Hi I’m Shareen, founder of embrace jewellery. Also a music and travel junkie and cat lover! When I’m not busy running the business, curating and designing jewellery, I love exploring new places, restaurants and cool tunes!

What motivated you to start your brand?
I took a solo round the world sabbatical after my divorce, and was looking for something different for my life. Until then, I had spent over a decade on and off-air on radio and I wanted a new challenge. I loved these beautiful pieces that I discovered on my travels and was inspired to start a lifestyle store selling homeware and jewellery. 14 years on, I'm thankful that we are still around and have grown to 4 locations with a focus on jewellery and fashion.

What signifies great style to you?
When someone dares to wear what they love. Too many people worry about what others think and how they come across to others. The most fashionable women I know are clothe in confidence and dare to experiment with different pieces and styles. Jewellery is a great way to express yourself and be more adventurous!

What do you do to relax?
I do a radio show… haha. Sunday is my day off and I wake up early to do Sunday lunch on Class 95FM from 10am to 2pm. Friends always ask why but it's something I enjoy. Playing good tunes, telling stories, that’s relaxing for me. Also I’m trying to get back to playing the piano after a 20 year break.

What are you reading right now?
I just finished reading Stoned by Aja Raden. Great book about how jewellery obsession has shaped and changed the course of history. Truth is always more fascinating that fiction!

Where is your fav Singapore neighbourhood?
I love various parts of Singapore but I would say that Holland Village feels like home. I grew up in the neighbourhood, its where I hung out with friends after school as a teen and it’s where we started our first store!

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