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It is that time of the year again. Not sure what presents to to get this time? Here are Binary Style's special gift recommendations! 

1. Premium 100% Silk Scarves

These are the ultimate gifts for that special friend. Made of 100% silk in larger format, these scarves exude comfort and luxury. They cine in several design options to choose from (price: 140-165 SGD). The double-sided printed scarves come wrapped in a gorgeous tissue paper - presented in a blue box bearing our logo. 

We also have other scarf options made of cotton-silk blend, 100% cotton, lyocell, soft chiffon (price ranging from 65 SGD - 165 SGD).

2. Sleepy Otters - Sleeping Mask in 100% Silk 

This is the perfect unisex gift for the frequent travellers or those who love to snooze in complete darkness. This sleeping mask is made of delicious 100% silk fabric (back and front) and adorned with cute sleepy otters print. It comes in a matching cotton pouch (price: 65 SGD).

3. Kakee Shirts - Tropical Chic 2023

These unisex shirts are made of buttery soft Lyocell fabric. They come in three tropical print designs: The Orange Thief, The Tin Hill and Kingfishers. Great for those who love to dress in comfort and style. 

4. Binary Style - Embrace Jewellery Collection 

These jewellery pieces are perfect for those who love unique and individual design. Co-designed by Binary Style and Embrace Jewellery, and made in Spain, these pieces are simply gorgeous (price ranging from 79.90 - 95 SGD). The tropical inspired designs, made of lightweight gold-plated brass,  will certainly delight everybody.

5. Knot Necklace - RE:FORM 

These knot necklaces are perfect for those who love statement jewellery. Up-cycled from less than perfect scarves, they will please your tree hugger friends. Each piece is handmade, thus unique and individual (price 65 SGD).

6. Scardigan

Our crowd-favourite Scardigans are perfect for those who love to jazz up their outfit with colourful outer. Easily converted into a scarf by unbuttoning, it will please those who love convertible fashion pieces. So versatile, it can be worn as a cover-up on top of your swim suit, or as an outer for your daily outfit! It comes in several print designs that suits different preferences (price 110 SGD).



If you are pressed by time, you could pick up your item at our studio upon appointment. We will also have an open-house few days before Christmas, where you can shop with us directly and enjoy a complimentary pre-Christmas cocktail. 

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