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Last year we were so humbled and honoured to take part in a collaboration project with SG Enable's i'mable Collective and Singapore Fashion Runway to create a scarf to be worn by President Halimah Yacob during National Day Parade NDP. The scarf incorporated artworks created by two artists with visual impairments - Ms Katy Lee, 70, and Ms Adeline Vejaletchmy, 58 - from the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped. The scarf also included detailed embroidery by social enterprise Singapore Fashion Runway's embroidery artist Ng Xiuzhen, who is deaf and has cerebral palsy.

This year 2021 National Day celebration might be a low key event, but that should not stop us of getting in the mood of celebration. With the pandemic’s still raging, we are in a very challenging time. That doesn’t stop us though from us release our annual red and white design.

If there is anything that the pandemic can show us is the importance of kinship and social supports. Our SG56 scarf design is inspired kinship. Singapore’s beloved kopitiam is arguably the place where we can witness and experience kinship.

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Here is what our friend Krish Iyer beautifully wrote about kinship and kopi tiam.

Where kinship dances among the loving chatter and clutter of the cutlery. Where our faces, some wizened with the years, mingle with those creating our future; telling stories of our heritage to the aspirations for our tomorrows. And when they connect across the steaming kopi, buttery kaya toast on the side, we smile at another Singapore day - sweet and strong.

If only the stoic marble tables and the patina-adorned wooden chairs could speak- what stories would they tell!

Stories of our Kopitiam. Stories of our home.

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