The Halia Print: Binary Style x Baliza collaboration

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At Binary Style, we simply love doing collaborative designs.To date we have done collaborations with namely Scene Shang, Singapore Airlines and National Heritage Boards to name among many. We enjoy doing each one of them. Collaborations are such an enriching experience where we get to learn different skills, find new insights of our works and meet new people- some of whom have became friends to keep.

This year, we came together with Gema and Madhu, the brains behind Baliza, an ethical fashion and lifestyle label that focuses in creating distinctive, summer-ready collections for women. We have met the two ladies in many occasions over the years during events and pop-ups.They are fellow members of CRIB Society.

The idea to collaborate with Baliza instantly piqued our interest as they normally dabble with block printing and screen printing. Gema and Madhu challenged us to create a design that is suitable to be executed with screen printing method.⁣ The design was to be incorporated in their signature dresses and skirt. 

At Binary Style, digital printing is the backbone of our brand. We love to work with vibrant colours and to create detailed designs. Our works are largely inspired by architecture and nature- as trained architects we are naturally drawn to details. Digital printing gives us the freedom to run our imagination wild. Our universe has no boundary!⁣

So yes, the print for this collaboration was going to be different. We need to work with less colour options and simplicity in the design is king. 

The inspiration of Halia print comes from Gema’s fond memories of Singapore. Gema’s family lived in Singapore for years until they moved back to Spain. We brainstormed lots of idea on what elements to include in the design that make up memories of Singapore🇸🇬. Eventually we agreed to combine nature and architecture. Sari proposed to put little sunbirds on the design as she is so intrigued by a little sunbird that always hovers around her balcony. A shophouse is included in the print because don't we all love them? We also agreed to feature ginger flowers and hence the print name- HALIA.

Next Baliza sprang into action to do some neccessary tweaking and adjustments so the traditional artisans were able to execute the design. With travel bans, we were not able to meet the artisans in person so communication was really important.⁣ Kudos to Baliza for taking care of this part.

We were so blessed to be able to have the support and to support these amazing artisans community in Jaipur who shouldered on through probably the worst pandemic in our lifetime.⁣ The master printer was actually ill with Covid-19 which resulted in a slight delay of the production- luckily he has since recovered.

The Halia print is a part of Baliza's newest collection Memories of Singapore. The print is availble as dresses and skirt which can be purchased via Baliza online shop. The print is also available as pareo and scarf via Binary Style onlline shop.

We hope that you like the Halia print as much as we do and appreciate the values it embodies.It was created to embrace slow process and imperfections. It was created with our artisans and environment in mind. ⁣

Lastly check out Binary Style Cocktail O'Clock that we create to celebrate this collaboration. We invited Madhu to be our special guest and to taste the Halia inspired cocktail.

Photos credit to Baliza/ Ladli and Zerrin Studio by Susannah Jaffer

Special thanks to Gerlyn, a freelance model and Miss Earth Singapore 2019 who is fronting this collection campaign.

Big appreciation for Design Orchard for hosting Binary Style x Baliza new collection launch. 

Design Orchard houses the best of Singapore’s brands and designers in the heart of Orchard Road.


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