Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Home with Binary Style Cushion Covers

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Having a welcoming environment makes any home a warm and joyful place to come back to. Freshen up your living space simply by adding Binary Style cushions for a quick change of scenery. We have compiled some useful tips for you in choosing the right cushion covers for your humble abode.

Mixing it up

(Bamboo Sheet Set, Sunday Bedding ; Bittersweet Teal Cushion Cover, Binary Style)

A traditional way to arrange your cushions is to add a splash of Binary Style cushions to a plain coloured furniture.

Match the Colours

Match your upholstery with the same colour printed cushion. Simply match your pink bedsheets with a pink patterned cushion cover!

Elements in the Décor

Some element of the room should be in the colour choice of Binary Style cushions chosen- be it the potted plants, the painting on the wall or other home décor.

(Ryo Rattan Tray, ; Mousedeer Cushion Cover, Binary Style)

(Nutmeg Blue Cushion Cover, Binary StyleBali Lush Tropical,

( Animal Crossing Inspired Hyacinth, Papersynthesis ; Tropical Party Cushion Cover, Binary Style)

Patterns and more patterns...

(Lorikeet Cushion Cover, Binary Style ; The Maverick Cane Chair, Scene Shang)

Don't be afraid to match patterns and patterns together! Sometimes more is indeed the best to get a bold and eclectic look.
How do you make Binary Style part of your home?
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